Cold Pressed Full Spectrum CBG Oil - 1000mg - 30ml


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Full Spectrum CBG (Cannabigerol) oil. This oil has a wide range of minor cannabinoids as well as having a high amount of CBG present. CBG is described as being the "mother of all cannabinoids ". Due to its unique structure. All cannabinoids start out as CBG then progress to their final state. CBG has been known to have massive benefits when used on its own or along side other minor cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBDV, CBT, CBGA all of which are present in this oil. 

This full spectrum CBG oil not only contains 1000mg of CBG but also contains 1500mg of minor cannabinoids. 

• Full Spectrum CBG

• Wide Range of Minor Cannabinoids 

• 30ml Bottle 

• No Additives or Preservatives 

• All Natural Occurring Terpenes 

• Total Cannabinoids 2500mg